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The Whole World in Mauritius

September 7, 2022

Mauritius is a favourite destination for tourists and filmmakers, not only because of its
scenic beauty, but also because it is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa.
The country comprises the two main islands of Mauritius and Rodriguez, as well as the
outer islands of Cargados Carales Shoals and Agalega.
The capital Port Louis is lively and busy and the main island resorts are filled with
tourists all year round. Visitors who venture further out to the mountains of Le Morne or
Le Ponce to explore hiking trails can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of these secluded
spots, while Blue Bay is a paradise for divers.

Unique Filming Locations

● From Sandy white beaches to tropical forests and volcanic mountains, Mauritius
has a range of stunning locations for any film or still production.
● The Casela Nature Park and Ganga Talao Crater Lake are the most popular
locations and many Bollywood productions are set there.
● Sugarcane and tea plantations have also been used as film sets, as well as a
disused textile factory that is run-down but makes for an interesting backdrop in
feature films.

The most unique locations however are truly surreal:

● The 7-Coloured Earth Geopark in Chamarel is Mauritius’ most iconic attraction. It
is a six hundred-million-year-old geological formation of sand dunes in 7 distinct
colours and has a lunar-like feel. Visiting the geopark is the best way to discover
the island’s fascinating natural heritage. Locals who guide visitors around the
tortoise park have interesting stories to share about the now extinct Dodo bird
that was native to Mauritius.
● In Port Louis, the French colonial Government House dating back to 1740 and
the nineteenth century and the Jummah Mosque are both UNESCO World
Heritage Monuments. As these locations cannot be used for film sets, the
Mauritius Film Development Corporation has built a Virtual Video Village to
support film production teams. It provides a secure, high resolution streaming
platform so that filmmakers can work remotely with a local crew in a Virtual
studio. This has the added advantage of reducing production costs.

● The Black River Gorge is the perfect location for panoramic shots of the
mountains, tropical forest and waterfalls. A helicopter is available for aerial
filming. The Mauritius Film Development Corporation offers a 30% rebate for
features and documentaries filmed at this location and a 40% rebate for any
television commercials filmed on the island.

A Kaleidoscope of Cultures

Mauritius is a multi-ethnic society that blends Asian, European and African cultures.
French is spoken in all commercial areas, but English is also widely spoken.
Approximately 90% of the population speak Mauritian Creole, also known as Morisyen,
and it is considered the native language.

Although Mauritius has fairly large Christian and Muslim communities, it is
predominantly a Hindu country. The Indian influence is felt in the country’s cuisine, art
and music. However, a visit to Chinatown is recommended for lovers of Chinese food
and is fascinating for visitors interested in learning about age-old Chinese traditions.

The Perfect Working Holiday

Mauritius has a small professional support team for television and still production
campaigns, but there is no film studio and post-production services are non-existent.
Large scale film productions rely heavily on South African companies to bring in
equipment, provide talent scouting and manage post-production tasks. Many South
African companies combine corporate campaigns with a holiday in Mauritius and hire a
villa on a private island for shoots.
This package comes with a private yacht that ferries equipment and crew between
Cape Town and the island. No matter what kind of production you are planning,
Mauritius offers a relaxing, luxury experience that combines work with all the pleasures
of an island vacation. African Fixer is here to organise the whole Mauritian film
experience for you!

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