African Fixer

Botswana, A Gem In The Heart Of The Kalahari

In the opening scene of the hit comedy film ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, a coca-cola bottle is carelessly thrown out of a small plane flying over the Kalahari Desert. It lands at the feet of a San Bushman tracker who interprets this shocking incident as a sign from the gods: a White traditional healer […]

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa for Film Producers

Lake and mountain scenery Uganda

Uganda is known as ‘the pearl of Africa’ because despite years of political struggles and civil war, it is one of the most hospitable countries in Africa. Ugandans are resilient and welcome visitors and refugees from all over the world, showing generosity and hospitality aligned with the government’s open-door policy. As a result, the United […]

Morocco Says Marhaban To African Film Fixers

African Fixer, Morroco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country with a warm temperate climate, located in North Africa on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. It offers a wide variety of wonderful options for film producers with cultural and geographic diversity, presenting many different locations for film and stills production. The country is also at a crossroads of […]

Namibia: An Uncharted Gem for Film Productions

Namibia is an often overlooked location for film productions, yet it has a beautiful and rugged landscape, with exceptional and unique scenery as well as much of the wildlife you would find in some of the better known African countries, such as elephants, the “Big Five”, and a wealth of bird life, marine life and […]

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