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Remote Productions in Amazing African Locations

December 22, 2021

The pandemic has caused a definite decline in international productions around the African continent.  Airlines suspending international flights, lockdowns in major cities, limits on crews, curfews, and red-listed countries – all severely limited the flow of the film industry. Enter remote filming; film, stills, and video production done remotely by an expert film fixer company like African Fixer. Remote production has been an absolute lifesaver in terms of keeping new content fresh and diverse and at the industry’s immediate disposal.

Remote production solves a myriad of problems caused by the inability to travel to the film location itself. By remotely connecting online to international film production partners with a 360-degree view of their shoot from beginning to end, your production can still happen in the most beautiful film destinations without you actually having to be there!

Streamed camera feeds in real time as a way of communicating with the whole production makes sure that feedback, approval, and direction is possible by remote participants; it’s as if they are on set, but via a tech-savvy live feed call-in to the production itself, they can have eyes, crews, equipment and production services at their disposal, all from the comfort of their own location.  

Durand Le Sueur, founder and director of African Fixer has been doing remote production film shoots all over the continent for years: “We are geared up for remote location shooting because Africa has amazing locations that are sometimes hard to reach by large amounts of crew, and because of our past experiences, we can organize the best film services for you remotely, too.” Le Sueur said.

With the right African fixer, communication setup and professional mentality, the results can be worthwhile. It all starts with a great pre-production process – they help map out your shoot and work out who the best crew for the shoot is, where the best film locations are, what equipment to use, and the tech required to pull off the remote shoot.   

When making a decision on where the best location is to shoot your film, you are spoilt for choice, particularly in Africa. From beach locations to desert dunes, sprawling wheat fields, mountain crags and golden canola fields, Africa has it all. Choose your location, and let African Fixer do the rest! 

Remote shooting is the wave of the future, but it can of course never really be better than the real thing – having the director feel the ambiance of a filming location or the real tangible quality of the light captured on camera is always best. But in a world where travel is uncertain and often costly, it is a godsend! Remote production combines convenience with quality and allows production of much-needed content in a world full of consumers starved for the good stuff. 

As long as you choose to work with tried and tested industry professionals such as African Fixer, you will feel confident to relinquish control of your film site, because thanks to modern technology, you can overlook the whole film production process online, in real time.  

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