African Fixer

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African Fixer is comprised of a team of highly qualified and experienced industry professionals who are never afraid of going the extra mile. Their extensive local knowledge and sought-after industry expertise make them prime candidates to provide you with world class assistance to bring your production to life.

Durand Le Sueur – Founder/Managing Director

Durand Le Sueur has spent his entire career involved in the production of commercials in unchartered territories and has over the past 10 years produced/executive produced more than 300 films. Durand firmly believes that the only constant is change and as Africa evolves, so does he. More and more will the big brands move to produce in country! In this new venture he moves into line producing which will enable him to work with like-minded filmmakers who already produce world class commercials but need the services of a seasoned professional with local knowledge of any country on the African Continent.

Patrick Schepers – Founder/Executive Producer

Patrick Schepers was raised in Belgium where he started his film production career at the tender age of 11. With a South African mother and a Belgium father his home language was both English and Dutch which he expanded to include  French and German. From Stills to Post Production and onto full Production Services, he founded his own production company with registered office in Belgium and South Africa. During 2018 Patrick brought a commercial production to Cape Town where he met Durand Le Sueur and subsequently joined the African Fixer team as executive producer.  With one foot in each continent he meets the expectations of our international clients whilst managing the  supply chain in over 32 African countries

Blake Steenkamp – Business Director

Blake is an ambitious, highly motivated, award nominated filmmaker with excellent management and business development skills. He is results orientated with a proven ability to achieve desired outcomes whilst generating and maintaining long-term relationships. With a combined total of 11 years of professional film making, team management and marketing experience in competitive industries as well as his ability to successfully identify, develop and manage new business opportunities within corporate environments makes him an invaluable addition to the African Fixer team

Andrew Lee Ross – Producer

Andrew joined the African Fixer team in 2019 and has brought with him a level of service delivery and client service way beyond expectation. His sound knowledge of local markets and film production on the continent had made him a producer of choice. His international marketing degree, which has brought with it an understanding of global trends completes the full package in his strive for perfection. Delivering on every aspect of the clients experience with African Fixer.

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