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Location Scouting

Another vital film service is location scouting. A Location Manager is in charge of the hunt for the perfect scenery to will begin. Location Scouts, who work under the supervision of the Location
Manager, will typically possess a database of potential locations. They may either present these options to relevant Heads of Department immediately. Alternatively, they could also recommend new location options for the production.

As soon as everyone is in agreement, a ‘go-see’ is generally organised. This is done to present the
relevant heads of production with a tour or ‘recce’ of the selected location. This tour serves to give the Director and Producers a closer look of where they’ll potentially be filming.

The location will need to be ‘cleared for production’ once selected. This process of ‘clearing a location’ can be quite arduous but is completely necessary. It entails assessing the availability of the
location, negotiating with the owners of the property, securing all filming rights and permits etc. It also involves consulting with local security forces to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone
involved with the production.