Art Department

The Art Department are a team of professionals tasked with conceptualizing and creating the visual aesthetic of an entire production. There are various roles found in the hierarchy of an art department. At the top of the food chain we typically find the Production Designer. The Production Designer leads the department and oversees the film’s graphic evolution from script to actual visuals.

Subordinate to the Production Designer is the Creative Director, Storyboard Artists, Set Decorator, Set Dresser and Prop Master etc. The primary function of these roles is to design and embellish the set in line with the Director’s vision. The lion’s share of the Art Department’s work takes place in pre-production, sometimes even long before pre-production formally commences.

The Production Designer will consult with the Director to determine the visual direction and tone. The Art Department will go about creating concept art, storyboards to achieve the Director’s shot list.

They also design and build sets, wardrobe etc to ensure that, visually speaking, everything is ready for the first day of shooting. African Fixer provides all of our clients with the best Art Department in any location where they wish to film. Our extensive network of proven industry professionals stretches all across Africa and surrounding isles.