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African Fixer: Behind the Scenes of Coca-Cola Studio’s Global Success

August 15, 2023

In the fast-paced world of global advertising, collaboration across cultures and borders is essential. When it comes to producing  TV commercials, music videos, documentaries, feature films, reality and other media related content in the diverse and vibrant continent of Africa, one line production company stands out: African Fixer. With a reputation for excellence and a deep understanding of the African landscape, African Fixer has been a pivotal force in bringing brands like Coca-Cola to the forefront of the region’s creative scene.

African Fixer’s Expertise and Partnerships

African Fixer is not your ordinary service line production company. Their expertise lies in simplifying the production experience for international filmmakers and agencies wishing to shoot in African countries. With an extensive network of connections and knowledge of the local nuances, they facilitate smooth and successful shoots, navigating potential challenges with ease.

When Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most iconic brands, decided to expand its music platform, Coke Studio, to a global audience, they turned to African Fixer for their production needs. The agency behind the campaign was Ogilvy South Africa, and Hogarth Worldwide served as the production house. African Fixer, true to their reputation, ensured that the production process ran seamlessly by collaborating with some of the most prominent music stars and directors in Africa.

A Star-Studded Project

The Coke Studio project was ambitious, spanning two African countries – Nigeria and Egypt. In Nigeria, African Fixer worked with a lineup of music stars that included Young Stunna (South Africa), Khaligraph (Kenya), Nikita Kering (Kenya), Mayorkun (Nigeria), and Buju (Nigeria). These talented artists represent the rich and diverse musical heritage of Africa.

In Egypt, the team collaborated with Ahmed Saad (Egypt), Anas Benturquia (Algeria), Mok Saib (Algeria), Rym Fikri (Morocco), and Zouhair Bahaoui (Morocco), showcasing the musical prowess of the North African region.

The music videos and TV commercials produced during the project were nothing short of magical. With the support of Coca-Cola’s global partner, Universal Music Group (UMG), the artists’ talents were amplified, and the results were captivating and engaging for audiences worldwide.

The Power of Local Collaboration

African Fixer took great pride in adhering to Coca-Cola’s vision for the project. The beverage giant insisted that the crew in each country be local, including the directors, DOPs, art departments, and more. This approach not only supported the local creative talent but also brought authenticity and cultural depth to the project.

With a seamless collaboration between the agency, the client, and the local team, the 3-week shoot produced eight stunning music videos and two captivating TV commercials. Additionally, African Fixer was responsible for capturing behind-the-scenes footage and still photography for the project, further showcasing the energy and vibrancy of the African music scene.

Coke Studio: Real Magic Unites the World

Coke Studio is not just a music platform; it is an embodiment of Coca-Cola’s global brand philosophy of “Real Magic.” The platform celebrates the richness of diversity and the power of music to bring people together. “The Conductor,” a global film produced as part of Coke Studio’s launch, exemplifies this philosophy by featuring a collaboration between seven breakthrough artists from different corners of the world. They reimagined the iconic Queen track, “A Kind of Magic,” through their unique styles, showcasing the beauty of multiculturalism.

A Successful Collaboration and a Bright Future

The collaboration between Coca-Cola, Ogilvy South Africa, Hogarth Worldwide, and African Fixer was a resounding success. The project’s ability to unite global talent with local creative teams resulted in an extraordinary outcome, captivating audiences and celebrating the essence of African music.

Durand Le Sueur, the seasoned professional behind African Fixer, is optimistic about the future. With Africa continuously evolving and growing as a creative hub, he foresees more global brands moving to produce on the continent. The success of projects like Coke Studio exemplifies the immense potential Africa offers, and African Fixer is at the forefront, ready to bring more brands and filmmakers into the vibrant African landscape.

As Coca-Cola’s global music platform continues to expand, the world eagerly awaits more magical collaborations, powered by the real magic of music, diversity, and the expertise of African Fixer. This partnership has shown that when talented teams come together, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Cheers to more music, more magic, and more creative journeys across the beautiful continent of Africa!

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