Egypt, Land of Contrasts

Egypt is a land of stark contrasts: the remains of an ancient civilization are juxtaposed with today’s modern, bustling society; desert landscapes stretch away from the great Nile River on one side, while crowded, chaotic towns and settlements encroach on the terrain on the other side; mud-brick villages stand beside buildings of steel and glass; […]

Film Locations in Nigeria

“Nothing Beats Naija!” Nigeria is one of the most well-known destinations in Africa. It is the most populous country in Africa and ranks seventh in the world! It is a diverse country with over 500 ethnic groups and languages and a variety of landscapes from mangroves, coastlines, national parks and arid desert-like regions. It is […]

UK Trade Department Sets Sights on Nigerian Film Industry

Nigeria has a thriving film industry in Nollywood, and recently the UK government took a keener interest in this by embarking on a fact finding trade mission to explore opportunities in the industry.  UK BACKS AFRICAN CONTINENTAL FREE TRADE AREA This mission was further supported by the UK government’s backing of Africa’s ambitious continental free trade initiative last […]

Nigerian Culture Experienced Through Music

Talent Searches In Nigeria The ‘Unplugged Talent Show” is the most popular and successful music and dance television show in Nigeria and rivals the likes of America/Europe/Britain’s Got Talent. What differentiates the Nigerian show from international talent searches is that the organizers not only discover but also manage and promote the winning acts, and the key criteria […]

Nigerian Film-Making Celebrates Heroes and Heroin’s

Two original Nigerian films make their debut and highlight topics that do not often find their way into commercial movies: Citation premieres in Lagos and Walking With Shadows is enjoying a two-day premiere at the British Film Institute Festival in London. ‘CITATION’ CASTS CHAIRMAN OF FIRST BANK IN LEADING ROLE ‘Citation’ is produced by award-winning filmmaker Kunle Afolayan and casts Ibukun Awosika […]

The Best of Nigerian Film Talent

The Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2021 African International Film Festival in Lagos was presented to Nigerian film producer and actor Oludoton Baiyewa Jacobs, whose career spans five decades of work in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. ‘Olu’ Jacobs, as he is affectionately known, was mentored by Chief Hubert Ogunde- actor, playwright, theatre manager […]

Expediting Filming in Tanzania

Obtaining a permit to shoot a film in Tanzania has always been an expensive and time-consuming process. Film producers need to allow plenty of lead time, as the permit usually takes eight weeks to process. An expedited permit, arranged by an African Fixer, costs $ 3,000 but only takes two weeks. The difference between the regular […]

The Resurrection of Ghallywood

Ghallywood can be considered the ‘grand-daddy’ of Filming In Africa, with a history reaching all the way back to the cinema of Ghana established by the British Gold Coast Colony in the 1920’s. This type of cinema was branded Black Star Films and was widely distributed to all corners of The Gold Coast Colony. However […]

Cameroon’s Film Industry Set To Take Off

For many years Africa’s film industry has been dominated by productions coming out of Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, but in the past five years Cameroon has begun attracting the attention of film producers, and last year, their first film came out on Netflix. The Cameroonian film scene is still developing, and is seen as […]

5 Films Produced in Kenya

Film producers always fall in love with Kenya because of its rich history, diverse cultures and natural beauty. Kenya boasts some of the most stunning film locations on the African continent and is a producer’s dream for any kind of film, Reality TV Show, documentary or even just Stills Production. Hell’s Gate National Park, just […]