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Line Producer

Durand Le Sueur

Durand has spent his entire career involved in the production of commercials in uncharted territories and has, over the past 18 years, produced/executive produced more than 350 films.

Durand firmly believes that the only constant is change and as Africa evolves, so does he. He is confident that in the very near future, all the big, global brands will eventually move to produce on the continent of Africa. In this venture, he moves into line-producing, which will enable him to work with like-minded filmmakers who already produce world class media content, but need the services of a seasoned professional with local knowledge of any country on the African continent.

Marketing Executive/Client Service/Producer

Nikkila Mann

Nikkila Mann, an international traveler between the United States and South Africa, has woven a life uniting cultures and creativity. With a dynamic career spanning 26 years in the entertainment industry, her expertise stems from a deep passion for transformation and film.

Her commitment to candor and integrity nurtures unique connections with clients, allowing her to grasp diverse needs. A devoted service provider, Nikkila seamlessly blends creativity and attentiveness, constantly setting higher standards.

Recognizing the power of optimism, Nikkila instills positivity while navigating challenges, delivering resonant solutions. Her infectious smile fosters camaraderie, creating a space for innovation to thrive. In the African Fixer team, her film industry mastery shines brightly.

Stills Producer

Jean-Pierre Fourie

Jean-Pierre started his career as an editorial and commercial photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then he has evolved in his career to become a producer.

Jean-Pierre is a people's person with an excellent eye for detail, taking great pride in his work. He’s not afraid to give his best in all he does! Treating each
project with the utmost care and vision is important to him. He is a perfectionist when it comes to seeing a whole project through from start to finish.

He deems it very important to uphold every brand he works on to its exceptional standards.

He has a keen eye for detail, and is considered an asset on every project.

Executive Producer/Europe

Patrick Schepers

Patrick Schepers was raised in Belgium where he started his film production career at the tender age of 11. With a South African mother and a Belgium father his home language was both English and Dutch which he expanded to include French and German.

From Stills to Post Production and onto full Production Services, he founded his own production company with registered office in Belgium and South Africa. During 2018 Patrick brought a commercial production to Cape Town where he met Durand Le Sueur and subsequently joined the African Fixer team as executive producer.

With one foot in each continent, he meets the expectations of our international clients whilst managing the supply chain in over 43 African countries

USA Partner

Shaun De Wet

Born in South Africa and raised between Cape Town and Johannesburg , Shaun has been on both sides of the camera since 1997. He has lived between South Africa and the USA since 2001 and through a successful fashion career was able to form a strong international client network and progress to the production side. Shaun has produced everything from fashion shows to large scale events and product launches, TV commercials to music videos , and most recently feature film. He specializes in developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients as well as  international deals. Shaun is as comfortable in the African desert as he is in New York City or Los Angeles. 

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Why Africa? Because it is the most incredibly diverse continent to live, work and shoot in.

Born and bred here, and after 20 years of working in the film industry, we know what it takes to deliver an amazing production experience. Africa gets under your skin, you’ve got to experience it for yourself.


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A fixer is a line producer tasked with coordinating and facilitating every aspect of a production, from location scouting to acquiring permits and permissions, through to
hiring crew and securing accommodation and gear. Due to the considerable
responsibility resting on their shoulders and the hands-on nature of their various duties, fixers are central to a production.


Pre-production fixing entails: Budget, Location Scouting, Logistics, Crew, Talent, and
Equipment and Vehicle Hire.

It is our daily duty to make sure that all is going to plan and to take responsibility for, or rectify any mishaps that may occur on set. We continually liaise closely with all HoDs and resolve any discrepancies with budget, creative differences, safety, and
the seamless execution of the production in general.

Fixers play a vital role in making sure that the production meets the desired product in line with their client’s initial vision and budget. We perform an extensive budget analysis once the production is complete to indicate how effective the budget allocation was in relation to all incurred production expenses, from start to finish. We also make sure that all rental leases are honoured by returning all equipment, vehicles, etc to their respective providers.

Africa is a continent steeped in natural beauty and adorned with vibrant culture. These two qualities, in addition to low overheads, favourable incentives, and compelling visual landscapes continue to attract production companies from abroad.
Current favourite film locations include South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Zanzibar, Morocco, and Egypt, but there are many more locations in our extensive database
that can spark the imagination and make magic happen!

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African Fixer offers world class services to suit productions of all sizes.


Application for visas for all international celebrities and crew.


Hiring of drivers and/or chaperones, including the sourcing of vehicles.


Management and supply of all props, including wardrobe needs.


Catering for all onset personnel as per dietary requirements.


Bookings for travel & accommodation, including negotiating discounts.


Local crew sourced and vetted for all different departments as needed.


Permit applications for filming sorted before you begin shooting.


Sourcing of professional security for celebrities and international crew.


Equipment hired locally or shipped and cleared in each country.


Local knowledge means expert scouting and locations to suit all needs.


Vehicles obtained for both on- and behind-camera requirements.


Production co-ordinators with indispensable local knowledge.


Local teams with their required equipment sourced and briefed.


Local teams with their required equipment sourced and briefed.


Casting including contracts for usages and performance (TV and print).


HODs who are experienced in working in Africa and managing local crew.

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